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Live by your Heart 
"A picture is a poem without words." Horace

Rich and Art

Creativity is one of the most powerful ways of expression but also releasing any tension or blockages around more than one of our energy centres, most noticeably for Rich, the throat. 

Being able to create and express freely is a key aspect of being in one's own truth, of embracing the Self and living from the heart. 

Expressing freely is about not being confined to working for other people's opinions or even popularity. 

Art is not just about finding ways to make money, nor is it about finding ways to please others. It is spiritual opportunity to connect to that deeper sense of Self and truth. 

Rich likes to practice many types of art from drawing, painting, to photography and music too. 

Below are some examples of works that have brought him happiness and peace in doing so. 

he's also re-training as a tattoo artist and slowly gathering a portfolio of hand drawn pieces, some of which are shown below too. 


Two Face

A quick sketch and self-portrait drawn whilst in a beach-side hostel in India 2017. 


Waiting for the Sun. 3 of 3

The third of the Waiting for the Sun images was inspired by a lake-side meditation session session (later discovered the lake was full of alligators or crocodiles!). Sometimes it seems we're all just waiting for the sun. Different locations, different places, same sun. 


Waiting for the Sun. 1 of 3

This painting was inspired by the rock that lead to the sea at Amma's Ashram in Kerala. 

There was a meditation here every morning and night, and even though we weren't allowed onto the beach, this was still a nice little break from the main area. 


On My Mind

Rich painted this in 1999 when he was 16. He'd long before experienced something that changed his life and shifted his mindset forever. 

It seemed art helped him release some of that confusion and uncertainty


Waiting for the Sun. 2 of 3

I dreamt the 3 'Waiting for the Sun' images whilst in India. this one also came to me whilst in an Ashram but this time in he Sivananda Ashram. 



Watch this space as Rich is currently training to become a tattooist too. 

his sketches are coming along as well as his bolder work, and the practice on skin is slowly progressing! 

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