Shamanic Practices 

Shamanism is often massively misunderstood, in Rich's opinion. 

Somewhat understandably, when people think of shamanism ideas of Native American medicine men and Ayahuasca often become the stereotype. And although Native American history makes up a large percentage of what shamanism is, and although a small percentage of indigenous peoples traditionally used ayahuasca, the picture is actually much more than that, much more complicated than that, and in many ways, much more simple. 

All indigenous peoples had shamans or 'seers'. Yes, native Americans, but also Vikings, Druids and Pagans, the Ancient Americas, and the Maori, to name just a few. Considering the distance geographically, especially thousands of years ago, between these peoples, the teaching and understanding of their way of life are remarkably similar in many ways.

The shaman is someone who sees. More specifically, someone who sees from the heart not the mind. Seeing from an open heart allows us to see beyond what we experience from the mind on a daily basis and tune into a whole new space of connection and truth. Nature plays a major a vital part in 'seeing' from the heart in such a way that we open doors to our own true nature and and our own powerful truth. This then enables us to practice and develop ways of living a full, authentic level; when you Live By Your Heart. 

Rich had been practicing (as a way of life) and studying shamanism for many years in different ways. But consciously the call home began around 2016. He also studies with Northern Drum group lead by Chris Luttichau.

He offers a variety of sessions both one to one, remotely, or in groups that help to open doors to deeper truths to allow clients to tune into their own deeper power to enhance and embrace life. 

Rich works with drumming, feather work and smudging, as well as work with power animals, soul retrieval, energy healing, grief, and psycho-pomp working with the dead and dying. 

Drop him an email or a message if you would like to know more, and check out the sessions page for prices and options. 

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