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Live by your Heart
   No Accidents, No Excuses

Rich & Shamanism

Shamanism, like yoga, has many stereotypes and misconceptions. 

It is often assumed that only Native Americans practised. It's often assumed that Ayahuasca has a large part to play in it too. It's also often assumed that there is lots of fire, drumming, and singing. Well, that last one is true. 

For Rich, Shamanism is a way of life. It is a philosophy for living (again, similar to yoga) that connects you to nature but also to your true nature; your true Self. And at the core of all the practises and ceremonies is finding ways to live from the Heart instead of the Head. 

Different versions of Shamanic ceremonies and celebration and hearings have been practiced all over the world for tens of thousands of years. Most indigenous people had shamans or 'seers' or medicine people, and they would have all practiced ceremonies and healings that may have been very similar despite no inter-continental communications at the time. The Vikings, Pagans, Druids, Aborigines all had and have seers or Shamans, as do tribes of Mongolia and China and many places in between. 

He doesn't use drugs or hallucinogenics in his practices or studies and it's actually quite a small percentage of traditional people that do. Instead the focus is on breath, meditation, media work, dreamwork, and journeys. 

Yes, there's a lot of drumming. There's a lot if singing. There's fire, burning herbs, dancing, and rattles too. But all of it connects to our deeper Self and subconscious in order to wake up and engage the spirits and powers of our truth. 

See below for sessions and treatments. Prices range from £35 to £150 per session 




Spirit Animal Retrieval 

We all have a Power Animal (mirror of truth) and we all often have animal guides or allies that support a particular part of our path.  

With this session, Rich will drum and journey to find yours.


Get in touch to find out more about our animals and how and why they help our healing. 


Grief Ceremony

This Grief Ceremony could last 20 minutes, it could last 2 hours. It is a drum and song based session that allows you to sit with your grief - this can be any form of loss from a bereavement, to a job, friendship, or anything that you feel you've lost from your life.

In it, we create the space for you to embrace and release the energy you may have been holding onto over a particular situation. 


Soul Retrieval 

Soul Retrieval is one of the more popular and well known ceremonies. It can also be one of the most powerful. For this reason, there can be a lot of preparation work to be done before the Soul Retrieval ceremony will happen. And there is always lots of work to be done after too! 


Drum Journeys

Drum Journeys are also an option if you have a question or want to know more about your guides, your life, or your past, almost anything can be asked. 

This can done by Rich for you, or guided by Rich for you to journey yourself. 


Energy Centre Re-allignment

This session is a feather and herb ceremony that works with seven of the energy centres (Chakras) to bring them back into alignment, helping bring more clarity to the heart and potentially see clearer a situation that may be on your mind. 



Psychopomp works with the dead and the dying.

With this work we can help prepare the dying for a peaceful transition, and we can also work with the already passed that maybe are not yet moving on. 

this can also be used to clear energies that are lingering in buildings, or even on people. 

Image by Muhammed Salah


Shamanic Counselling 

Shamanic Counselling works over 5x 1 hour weekly sessions.

Together, you journey into the issue or problem you want to be working with. Rich guides you through the journeys in order to help you find the answers you need, yourself. Putting the healing of self back in your hands, where all good healing comes from. 

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