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  Live by your Heart
"Nothing matters but the writing ."Samuel Beckett

Rich on Writing

It may be a little cliche but Rich could not be without writing...and he has tried! 

At an early age, Rich was writing song lyrics, poetry, and stories and loved the creativity it allowed. Nothing has changed (other than maybe now he's more harsh on his writing!). 

Rich writes poetry, articles, short stories, lyrics, and is currently working on his second novel. 

All of his work includes elements of spirituality and the path of the Self, and all of it hopes to inspire others to think about their own story and journey of the Self. 

Although he hasn't had lots of work published, he loves to write and always will. he's also happy to help you with yours.


He has a First Class Honours degree in Contemporary Writing from Dartington College of Arts (2004-2007) and a Masters degree in Professional Writing for Business, TV, and Film from University College Falmouth (2008-2009) 

Below are links and extracts from some of his work. 





Article published in The Elephant Journal

"Why I'll only be with someone who has baggage". 2021

Artwork by Muhammed Salah


Article in The Elephant Journal 

"How the two voices in my head taught me self-compassion"

Artwork by Iluka designs

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