Live by your Heart


"Yoga is the journey of the Self, to the Self, through the Self" Bhagavad Gita

Rich and Yoga

Rich has been teaching yoga since 2015 and practising a fair bit longer than that. 

After completing his 200 hour training with Power Living Australia, in New Zealand, he went on to teach through out NZ, then back in Europe where he taught in Devon, France, Ibiza, Portugal, as well as India. 

Now based in Norwich, Rich teaches on Zoom during the lockdown and in different venues in Norfolk and Suffolk when life is back to normal. 

See below for his class and retreat schedule. 


Rich's primary focus in his classes is your safety. The alignment of the postures is fundamental to a good and safe practice. 

You're unlikely to find him doing handstands and more advanced balances and postures but you will find him embracing solid foundations in all poses as well as focusing on breath and the journey of the Self. 

The Self journey is Rich's close second focus. In his classes, he would rather you spent the whole class in savasana or child's pose, focussing on your breath and calming the fluctuations of the mind, and listening to the body than allowing your mind to force you to do things that maybe just that day is not where your body wants you to be. 

Spiritual and shamanic philosophy are in an important part of Rich's practice and classes. So come and give it a try either in real life, or live on Zoom. 

Schedule and Classes 



Tuesday's Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic class that gets your heart racing before we slow it right down  and get into the relaxation to end the class.

Suitable for all levels

£6 on Zoom

£8 real life 

At The Yoga Tree, Norwich 


Private Sessions

Rich is still offering private sessions on Zoom and back in real life now we're allowed.

We can work on anything you want from meditation to specific postures or just getting the basics down and comfortable. 


Sessions are £40 an hour on Zoom - £10 per person extra

£45 in hour in real life 

Block booking available at different prices - we can discuss



Wednesday Vinyasa is slower paced class to the Tuesday class. we take our time to get into the postures and breathe into them too. Always ending with some relaxation postures before savasana. Good for all levels and experience. 

£6 Zoom

£8 real life

At Earlham House Clinic, Norwich 

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Bookings & Retreats

You can also hire Rich to come and teach and/or manage your retreats or events. He has more than 5 years experience hosting, managing and running retreats across Europe. 

He's also available to hire for workshops and private events. 

Get in touch to find out more


915-1015am &

Sunday starts with a slow paced Vinyasa, sometimes incorporating a flow too. 

The 1030 class is a super chilled yin-style practice, all laying down and sitting, eyes closed and breath focussed. 

£6 on Zoom

£8.50 real life (or both for £15)

At Henham Barns, Suffolk


If you have any questions about yoga or Rich's classes please don't hesitate to get in touch. He's always happy to discuss anything around the subject. 

You can also block book Zoom sessions:

£32 for 6 classes

£50 for 10 classes